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Memmy is an app catering to families that have members suffering from Dementia. The app allows members to view the diagnosed member of their family remoptely via the app in order to ensure the saftey of the dementia sufferer when not present.the app keeps track of hospital appointments as well as monitoring medicing dosages, alerting a memeber of the family if a dosage is missed or hasnt been administered.The key hardware used here is image recognition. Each user is given a camera which connect to the tv in their home and is able to detect certain abnormal patterns of movement such as a seizure. When this comes on the family memebers and emergency services are conacted straight away.


June 2019-

Case Study

The logo is intended to bring a new feel to the subject of dementia. The use of the colour orange represents positivity and vitality which the members of family with a person of demntia are taking by using the app itself. The M is curvy and flowing symboling the for ever chnaging events that occur with a patient suffering from dementia. Lasyly the M is pushed to the lover left representing the cerebrum on a brain (the a key place dementia reportedly attacks.) The M is cut off and madde smaller in relation to the circular shape to represent the dementia itself being less significant than the rest of the individual

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