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  • Voice Control
  • Accesibility
  • Health


Lily is an app aimed at supporting people suffering from a disability that prevents them from accessing their mobile device and its acompanying apps. The app uses dictation to perfrom commands on screen. Say "scroll down" and the page your looking at on the lily app scrolls down.


June 2019 -

Case Study

The first client loved the colour duck egg so the logo is displayed against the beautiful duck egg which is a colour that so happens to represent ease, calm, tranquility which is perfect in displying the complexity of such an app with a friendly interface. The L is cursive representing flow and continuation to show that although the users ability may be reduced they can still regain flow and ability with the use of this app.The name lily is a nod to lily pad. A lily pad has a range of benefits to a pond but one in particular is in being a resting pad for frogs as well as providng shade to creatures in the pond itself. Lily represents all around helpfulness.

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